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  • Iberna Ice Machine Company locates in the kingdom of commercial refrigeration appliances-Shangqiu, Henan. We are one of the professional and fastest growing company focus on manufacture and supply of commercial refrigerate equipments. Iberna company established in 1992''s as a Joint venture corporation with Italy Iberna company.We have around 20 years of history in the field of Ice Maker and Transport Refrigerate production. We develop and utilize the latest technology in Refrigerate equipments designs, and manufacture Refrigerate equipments locally or utilize our professional skills to service our partners. As part of our design and innovation philosophy we are always striving to improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of our products. We strive for excellence in commercial refrigeration and aim to lead the market in the world, ensuring that you get the best temperature control solutions and services for your business and clients. We work alongside our customers and dealers to gain in-depth understandings of our clients''needs. This knowledge enables us to offer the right solution for your business or home and a complete commercial refrigeration footprint for your business, whether you are in food and beverage preparation, retail or the hospitality industry.

    We have business locations

    We have business locations in almost 50 countries, and keep delivering our products and services to around 80 countries and regions throughout the globe. Based on our vast experiences and expertise, we help our customers construct their industries worldwide

    Our industrial company has been fulfilling public projects for decades, since we meet all governmental criteria and standards of excellence in the area. We use engineering and manufacturing technology to make production faster, simpler and more efficient. We manage, operate, and maintain complex operation systems. We offer domestic and international testing and certification services for industrial facilities and equipment. The need for quality, safety, and reliability are paramount for us.

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